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    Problem Opening Reader 8 in Browser

      My problem is similar to kb401258, but not exactly. When I try to open a PDF in IE7 and Reader 8 is already running, the PDF opens correctly. If Reader 8 is not running, a popup displays:

      "There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and try again."

      I click OK and another popup displays with "Verifying... .pdf from (URL)" indicating that Reader 8 is trying to do something with the PDF file. Almost immediately a Windows XP error message pops up displaying:

      "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

      I used to have Acrobat 7.0, Bridge, and Creative Suite 2 installed, but removed them. It appears there are some residual folders that weren't cleaned up (naughty Adobe). Could this be part of my problem? I've cleaned up my registry.

      If kb401258 applies to me, it tells me I need to create a new transform and re-deploy Acrobat or Adobe Reader by starting the Adobe Customization Wizard and open my previously created .mst file. It mistakenly assumes I know how to do that.

      Can someone help me get rid of this annoying problem?
      Thanks, Gary