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    [Developer] How to RELIABLY get Acrobat Reader Version info from registry

      (Using Wise Installation system 9.02)
      First, we get the path from here:

      if it is not found, we get it from here:

      and if it is still not found, we get it from here:
      SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\AcroRd32.exe

      Then we check the version info for the file AcroRd32.exe that is
      located in one of those directories and compare it to the version
      we are installing; if it is less, we install the version included
      in our setup package.

      Now, is this the most RELIABLE way to do this?

      Should we just search for the file and get it's version info?
      What if you have > 1 version of Reader installed?
      What if you have Full Acrobat installed?

      Is there also a way for Reader installation to NOT change the
      PDF file association from Full Acrobat?