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    Adobe 8.1.2

      I am running WXP and was recently notified by Adobe, and downloaded, Adobe 8.1.2, to replace an earlier version. I just received, via the Internet, a PDF in Adobe 7.0. In the past, when I clicked on this sort of attachment, I recall that it would automatically open the document because I had a version of Adobe on board. I assumed that Adobe 8.1.2 would automatically open a document created in an earlier version. Now, my system (with SeaMonkey as browser) is saying that it cannot open this attachment automatically and asks me to browse for the correct program. The PDF opens only when I enter the new Adobe 8.1.2 program in the online form. Or, it asks me if I want to install Adobe 7.0 (which can't now be done).

      Any suggestions as to how I can get the new Adobe 8.1.2 to function automatically to open a program that is identified as requiring Adobe reader and may have been created in an earlier version?
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          I believe that I found a fix for this by going into 'My Computer'>Tools>Folder Options>File Types, where I changed the 'destination' file used to open PDF files from the older Adobe that was listed to the most recently installed version (8.1.2) (which is AcroRd32.exe, not simply AcroRd.exe). This change now shows up when I'm opening a downloaded PDF file; the automatic program to do so is now indicated as the newly installed Adobe 8.1.2. My other PDF files are now opening automatically.