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    Printing a PDF in Adobe Reader  v8 does not print watermark

      In our office we have PDFs created with Adobe Acrobat Professional version 7 that have a lighten watermark which say "confidential". These PDF documents print fine with Adobe Reader 7.0.8. Our office has now converted to Adobe Reader 8.1.1. When you open the PDF in Adobe Reader v8.1.1 the watermark displays on the screen but when you print the document the document prints without the watermark.

      I have checked the knowledge base and can't find this issue. The document has no trouble printing, it just doesn't display the watermark. I have tested Adobe Reader versions 8.0, 8.1.1 and the new version 8.1.2 all display the watermark when you open the Reader, but none of them print the watermark. I have gone back and verify and the watermark does print on Adobe Reader v7.0.8.

      If anyone has a similar issue or solution please let me know.

      Mary Mendoza