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    Problem with WP-mathA

      When I open Acrobat reader 8, it says that it can't find or create the font "WP-mathA" When I checked in the fonts folder for windows, I found that I have the font. What do I need to do to get Acrobat Reader to see that?
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          Jeffrey Ray Hardin

          Befor I began, I am not an expert and only go by what I've tried or found that works well for me, I had the same problem but with my Adobe Pro XI. Here was the solution I found and, from reading dozens of different forums on this subject, I chose to download this application because of the backing it was getting throughout several forums on the web, all have said this application works well on all Adobe Readers, but of course, I cannot know that, but do know it works well on mine and solved the prblem immediately, that has to count for something right, and, it doesn't hurt to try and can be easily uninstalled.

          I hope this helps you :9)