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    XDP data merging on MAC OS X issue.

      We have a problem to merge the xdp data with downloaded pdf form.

      To identify the problem and to find the solution I created a very simple example

      - just a form with one text field. The situation now is following:

      1. On the server we have a form designed in Form Designer 7.0 with one TextField.
      2. The xdp file with data is on the server.
      3. Internet browser downloads the xdp file which then points to the pdf form.
      4. The PDF form is downloaded and Adobe Reader merges data from the xdp file and the pdf form.
      5. The result is then shown in the browser.

      We have much more complex scenario when a lot of data is bound to the form and
      then webservices are called to fill dynamic fields with appropriate data and so on.

      The problem is:
      It works on Windows OS but there is no way to run it on MAC OS 10.x.xx.
      Tested with Safari and Firefox.
      The xdp file is loaded, then Reader loads the pdf form but the data from xdp is simply not put to the text field.

      I have also created even simpler example for testing :

      1. xdp file with data which points to the local pdf file - it works (it means run locally only).
      2. the same xdp file which loads pdf file from our site - doesn't work.
      (I'm talking about MAC OS 10.0.11, Form Designer 7.0, Reader 8 and Safari and Firefox, latest versions).

      So the conclusion is: If Reader downloads pdf form from web site it ignores binding.
      If Reader uses the same xdp file but pdf form is a local file - then the binding works.
      BTW - no errors are reported.

      Any ideas?