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    Bug 1439165... indicated with Acrobat 5.0 files (not true)

      There is a bug reported (1439165) regarding bookmark/link/form button using the Execute menu of Search with files created in Acrobat 5. Reader 8.1 update indicates that this error was fixed. It might be fixed for Acrobat 5.0 originated PDF files, but the error still occurs with Acrobat 8.0 originated PDF files.

      I originated a PDF file with a search index in Acrobat 8.0. I created a bookmark Search using a menu execution option. When using a self contained CD using an autoboot seq. to launch Reader 8.1.2 (from CD), Bookmarks executing menu options do not work (Search and Back). The original PDFs were created in Acrobat Professional 8.0. When I manually activate the search option it worksbut when activating the Search bookmark this feature does not work. This is the only know problem I am aware, all other features work fine..

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, Christine