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    Problems with Vista and Reader 8.12 - unusual problem need help

      I can't seem to find anyone to help me or any record of someone else having this problem. As soon as I install reader 8.12 on my new system (Vista) it begins 'hijacking' other files. In other words other icons on my desktop (e.g., the icon for AOL IM) turn into PDF icons and so when I try to launch an .exe file - Reader launches instead and of course tells me it can't open the file. This is so maddening. I've installed and unstalled the program several times and have rebooted. I've tried to contact Adobe but they will not provide support, I've contacted Gateway and they say it's an Adobe issue and Microsoft won't speak with me because Vista was pre-installed on the computer. If anyone has any ideas and can assist me I'd greatly appreciate it. For now I just have to leave the program uninstalled and therefore can't open any PDFs.