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    Problem opening new pdf when AcroRd32.exe is shutting down

      We have a application that streams a pdf back to the browser that the Adobe Reader then picks up and renders. Bringing up one pdf works fine. However, if I close that browser window I notice that AcroRd32.exe stays resident in the tasklist for about 25 seconds. If I open a second pdf before the time AcroRd32.exe shuts down, or after it it works fine. But, if I try to stream a second pdf at the time that AcroRd32.exe is shutting down I get a white screen and the pdf does not get rendered.

      This was not a problem until we upgraded to 8.X.

      Has anyone encountered this? Can someone shed some light on what could be going on as AcroRd32.exe is shutting down? Or, is there a way to have AcroRd32.exe shut down immediately after the current browser window is closed?

      I have an open case on the issue but tech support is refusing to pass these questions on the development team.

      Thanks for your help