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    Problem regarding printing in Adobe Reader 8

      We have had problems printing ever since we upgraded to Adobe Acrobat Reader 8. The error message is always the same on the second page

      ERROR: undefinedresource
      OFFENDING COMMAND: findresource



      We are running Postscript print all over on 25 diffent printermodels. Lexmark T644, 612, 620, Dell 5110cn. 3100cn etc, HP Laserjet 4700 etc..

      Have resently tested Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1.2. with the same devastating result. It doesn't work properly

      The problem (or bug) in Acrobat Reader 8 as we se it is that it defaults to postscript level 3. Switching to level 2 does the trick temporarily but you'll have to do that all the time.

      Sending a ps print job from Acrobat Reader 8 using Level 3 to a level 3 printer generates the same error.. OFFENDING COMMAND. Is adobe reader 8 feeding the Printers with gibberisch in ps level 3?.. It really seems so???

      as a consequence we have switched to Foxit Reader, which is way faster and is able to print without further problems