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    PDF's open in seperate windows!

      Please help............ my machine is running windows 2000 with version 8.1.2 of Adober Reader. Whenever I open a PDF file then Adobe opens but goes through all the other PDF's that I have ever opened and puts them all in seperate windows. As you can imagine, this is both annoying and disruptive..........please help! :-)
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          PDF files are supposed to open in separate windows in Reader 8 (by
          default, you can turn this off). But it doesn't reopen anything, at
          least not when it is working properly.

          I'm guess that what is happening here is that you never closed the
          other PDF files, so they are still open. You can check this by looking
          in the Window menu - open PDFs are listed at the end.

          Aandi Inston