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    Reader - CD Distributon for various Operating Systems

      I produce written reports for my clients + I give them a CD with the report in .pdf. I want to distribute acrobat on the CD as well, and I notice that when I download the English version for Windows Vista it appears to be the exact same file as the version for Windows XP; same size, same name, etc. Also I see that the different files I downloaded for Windows ME and Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 SP1, etc. seem to be the exact same file. QUESTION 1a: Can I put one file on my CD and label it as for Win XP and for Win Vista, then another one and label it for ME, & 2000 & 2000 SP1, etc. or is there some subtle difference requiring me to provide a separate file for each? QUESTION 1b: If they are the same file, is there a list somewhere stating the various OS's that this or that file is for?