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    Questions about OCR (recognizable text) in Acrobat Pro

      Hello guys, I hope some of you can help me out...

      1. I work on Court documents which have been already been OCR scanned (i.e. the text images can be copied from the pdf and paste somewhere else). The problem is the Court document comes in French (odd page) and English (even page) in the same pdf file.

      My question:
      I was wondering if there is a way to delete or extract only odd or even pages from that file into a separate pdf (so I can have a file with only French or only English content), and still preserve the OCR status (so I can still copy the texts from the pdf)?

      Here is a sample of the Court documents:

      At the moment I would open the pdf file, hit ctrl_+ p and use Adobe PDF to print the PDF file into another PDF, but I would select to print only odd or even pages. The problem is when the new odd-pages-only pdf comes out, the texts are no longer recognized so I cannot copy the texts, and I have to OCR the new pdf again.

      2. Is there a patch from Adobe that I can download that would allow me to use the OCR function to recognize texts in more languages?

      Thanks guys,