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    Conveting pdf files to WORD (doc) files

      I receive incoming e-faxes as pdf files. I need to convert/open them as Word files with text and graphic versus image/graphics for the entire page. That way I can either edit, add to, or resend them.

      I would also like to be able to either convert online pdf forms that will not let me save or resend them after I have filled them out instead of having to print and scan them.

      I am using this in a mobile office in the sleeper of a longhaul truck and need to try to keep it as simple as possible. My main need is to be able to receive, complete and refax permits from the various states. The faxes only come in as pdf files and most of the downloadable applications are pdf files that do not let you save them but require that they be completed and then printed before being return as faxes. That would require carrying and messing with a scanner too.

      I can NOT justify or afford spending more than about $50.00 for new software. I'm using the WORD 2003 that comes in Office 2003. I think it is the PRO version versus the Home version but am not sure.

      Thank you for any suggestion anyone can give me.

      Don Jones