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    Opening a pdf in Internet Explorer 7.0

      Since downloading the update to Adobe 8.1 (I believe it was designated 8.1.2) last week, I have been unable to open a pdf from IE. This NEVER occurred before the download. I have a Dell Dimension, with Windows XP, 1024 RAM, 20 GB hard drive. I need advice on how to correct this in the updated Adobe Reader, or if its better to uninstall and go back to the earlier version (if available).

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          I'm having the same problem, except I'm on a HP Pavilion 6835. Since downloading 8.1.2 I can't open pdf files. Or the program itself from my desktop. Someone please help! I've posted about this subject on other discussions and no help is coming. How do we get a previous version or will this be fixed???
          Janice, I uninstalled mine since I can't do anything with it anyways.
          I wish the techs at this company would help us.

          Thank you for any help yall can provide!
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            Same problem using VISTA wiht Windows Mail. message stating that there is "no association" to open the file comes up, however, vs 8.1.2 is clearly designated as the associated program in Default Folder (control panel. I need to save the file to desktop (or elsewhere)to open it. . . very irritating.