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    Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Desperate needing help!

      ok, so here is the scoop:

      I have the latest version of adobe -version 8 - and I want to convert some documents (whethere ms word, notepad, word pad, simply accounting invoices) into adobe, but this error message has come up:

      "Adobe Reader could not open "_____.pdf" because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for exaample, it was ent as an email attachment and it wasn't decoded correctly."

      Ok, so first of all it was NOT sent as an email attachment, but it may not be a supported file? Then what are the supported files?

      I reallyt need to use adobe, but I can't open ANYTHING up in it because of this message that keeps on coming up.

      P.S. I called tech support, they advised re-installing - did that, but still have the problem.

      Any help would be soooooo much appreciated! THanks in advance!!!!!!!!