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    acrobat pro 8.1

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      i discovered an issue that is really frustrating:

      the choice of font made in 'preferences-->commenting-->font' has to be identical across systems, otherwise the text in all comments does not show up correctly.

      assuming this is not fixable:

      is it possible to change the font in already existing comments? there seem to be no text formatting options beyond bold/italic/super-/subscript. this seems totally inadequate to me. i would at least like to have the options for size and font.

      and assuming there is a way to change the font-- is it possible to change the font for *all* preexisting comments at once?
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          ctrl-e should show the properties toolbar to allow you to change the font
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            ctrl-e does bring up a 'pop-up text properties' toolbar. but it does not have an option to change the actual font. only the color and size and so forth.
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              also let me clarify the main issue in my first post:

              lets say i write comments in a pdf and the font selected in preferences is times new roman. then i change the font in preferences to courier. ALL THE COMMENTS BECOME UNREADABLE. that is a serious problem.
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                >ALL THE COMMENTS BECOME UNREADABLE. that is a serious problem.

                And an unexpected problem as well. It does not do that for me.

                You have to select the text in the note (or just place the cursor in one) before the properties bar will show the fonts
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                  here is what my properties bar looks like, after selecting text in a note:
                  there is no option to change the font, unless i am just totally blind.

                  the issue seems to only become noticeable when using unicode fonts. particularly with characters that are not supported by all fonts and when copy/pasting text from outside acrobat into the comment boxes (from word or the web).

                  if you copy and paste the following series of characters into an acrobat comment note (formatted in word or somewhere else first) and mess around with fonts for a while you will get some weird stuff happening:
                  τεστ Test ἄῆῇᾄ

                  i am working with a text in ancient greek (polytonic). the fonts that i would prefer to use are 'gentium alt' or 'alkaios', but these both cause issues in acrobat. the one giving me the least amount of trouble is palatino linotype, so i will use that for now. but if there is any clear answer for why this is happening or how to fix it, i would greatly appreciate it.