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    Install 8.12, now have crazy possessed cursor!

      I have done this to 3 laptops now. First, a Dell C840, had a lot of programs. I upgraded from Version 7 to version 8.12. All of a sudden (after reboot) the cursor ran to the lower corner and was done, could not get it out! OK, crap happens. I uninstalled 8, but the cursor issue still occurred, although it was somewhat controllable. I had a friend with a Dell D610, he sat with me to upgrade several programs, including Reader. He installed 8.12 and, after reboot, the mouse cursor did the same thing as mine! OK, this is too weird!!

      I had another C840, put a fresh hard drive with a brand new load of XP sp2, with nothing else on the computer (not even antivirus). I then downloaded and installed reader 8.12. Sure as SH_T, the cursor is off in never, never land again! There is NO software on this system that could be causing a conflict with Adobe reader, much less with the cursor! Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

      Also, a USB mouse with the touchpad disabled does absolutely nothing different!!