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    Reader 8.1.2 update

      Using Windows XP SP2.
      Have Acrobat 6 standard installed.
      Had Reader 8.1.1 installed
      Auto update tried to update to Reader 8.1.2- install failed. Tried deleting Reader 8.1.1 and then reinstalling 8.1.2 - installation failed with error message:-
      Error1402,could not open key HKEY_local_machine\software\classes/PDF.pdfctrl.6\CLSID

      Any help please?
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          I've found my own way round this problem, and that is to uninstall Acrobat 6. Install Reader 8.1.2, and then reinstall Acrobat 6.
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            I did the same thing--upgraded when viewing a file that suggested I might like to upgrade. Serious headaches from then on. Our IT guy worked on my computer 1 1/2 hours after I spent countless hours trying everything from uninstalling to system retore to manually dumping all related files and folders. No luck! Then down from coporate came this note: "DO NOT INSTALL 8.1.2. If you do, it will disable your current version and give you error messages. You cannot uninstall it or download an earlier version to replace it. At the moment there is no known cure." The note also suggested you down load and use a freebie, Foxit Reader: http://www.foxitsoftware.com which I have done. It works, but many of our corporate-specific applications are licensed to use Adobe Reader and will not respond to Foxit. Further, now I canot use Pagemaker to convert documents to PDF files, so I am truly crippled. The fault is not with you. I wrote to Adobe but haven't heard anything. I am surprised they haven't alerted users to this CRISES!
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              Thanks Pat, at least I know it's nothing I did. Probably something to do with Vista, as this is the only version that works on Vista
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                I am running windows 2000XP, SP 2 also but when I tried what you did as a work around, all I recieved were error messages. I could not reinstall any earlier version--the message said that I have a newer version on my computer and refused to reinstall. Uninstall does not work and reinstall of any version does not work. I am still hung!
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                  Well that is strange as it allowed me to install version 6, before I tried loading 8 again.
                  Did you do a restart after uninstalling? That should have removed all traces of the programme you uninstalled. Very strange- if its happened to us then surely other people are having the same problem. Hope you get it sorted out.
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                    Pat it seems you have two issues. One getting the current Reader uninstall and reinstalling a newer version and resolving your 1402 error. Try these steps:

                    If you want to get rid of the Reader use the Windows Cleanup Utility available by going to microsoft.com and typing 290301 in the search. That will bring up a doc that has a link to download the utility. Install it and use it to remove Reader 8. Now with Reader 8 out when you try to reinstall you will still be facing the 1406 error. Again use the search on adobe.com and type in 1406. This will bring up a doc: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=329137
                    Go to solution #3 and follow it until you get to step #8. Go to step #9 and change permissions on the OWNER tab first. Click Apply and then go to the Permissions tab and do the steps in #8. This should resolve your permissions issues. Good Luck!