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    Acrobat does not keep InDesign reading order plus more

      I create forms for our office. Users download and print the forms, then fill in the blanks and submit to our office. We cannot use dynamic forms, because federal law requires a hard signature. Because handwriting is not always legible (adding to staff work load) this year we thought we'd go to interactive fields. We are a state agency, and all Web information must be 508 compliant and accessible.

      I use InDesign and Acrobat CS3. I initially used styles to format the content. When the problems (below) arose, I tried to map the styles to tags. I also redid the form in two layers, keeping the structure on one layer and the text on another.

      b The problems:
      1) Acrobat will not maintain the reading order of the form I'm currently working on. It is so bad that nothing I export to PDF is in order, yet the structure is fine in InDesign.

      2) Acrobat is treating my headers and paragraphs as one unit (sometimes), even when the text is in separate frames. For instance, Acrobat groups my PageHeader(H) frame to the text (P) frame that follows. For blind readers, I want them in a different order, but cannot do that, because they are grouped as if one frame in PDF.

      I am extremely frustrated. I have searched the Internet and books, but cannot resolve this problem. And I'm learning more about XML than I ever wanted to know!

      I'd appreciate any leads or help.