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    CMap and Font folder corrupt.

      The folders CMap and Font have become corrupt and will not allow acrobat reader to update, nor can i delete, move, overwrite, copy or paste in or with those two folders.

      Suggestions? I was trying to print my trig midterm which was in PDF format, and suddenly Reader 8 hung, and the GUI started to disappear and now no function is left.

      Thanks in advance
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          This sounds like a more serious problem than just Adobe Reader, since
          from what you say you can't do anything with the files themselves.

          This sounds like a serious software or perhaps hardware fault. Maybe
          the disk is failing. What are the exact symptoms if you open one of
          these folders and (let's say) try to drag a file in?

          Aandi Inston