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    Adobe Reader 8.1.2 won't uninstall or reinstall

      You name it... I am suffering from it. Upgrade to Reader 8.1.2 resulted in program failure. I attempted to uninstall through add/remove. It left the name in the add/remove list without the uninstall button so the problems really began. I tried to reinstall and the program cannot reinstall because it cannot uninstall the first attempt. It seems it uninstalled just enough to have created a nightmanre.

      So, I researched instructions... followed registry deletion instructions, etc. However, I receive a Access Denied on all of the .dlls that I try to delete. Furthermore, I cannot set the security preferences for these un deletable files.

      So... I called Adobe only to be blown off. Now, I have lost two days of work, fighting with a computer that is unable to beat the adobe nightmare.

      If Adobe has any way to get me an install fix that bypasses the uninstall option and over writes the files ... this would be great. If I could get all of the install files into the computer, I am sure I could get it uninstalled cleanly. I am locked in a viscious cycle now. If adobe has a magic potion that will make it possible for me to delete their files without an "access denied" warning, I would appreciate it.