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    Please Help about Fonts

      Dear friends
      I use right to left font like B mitra ,I got a PDF file that Creat with this font and My Acrobat Reader can't recognize this font and show some characters like this(.) so cant show correctly.
      I want to know how I can add font to this file to show correctly.
      My version of acrobat reader is 6.0 professional.
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          >My version of acrobat reader is 6.0 professional.

          Actually, Acrobat Reader is now called Adobe Reader. Acrobat
          Professional isn't a version of Reader at all...

          Anyway, to get the best chance of help, please post in the Acrobat
          Windows (or Acrobat Professional) forum. Be sure to describe exactly
          how you are making the PDF (what method, what original application...)

          Aandi Inston
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            I'm using Vietnamese Font ".vntime". I can open correctly on version 3.x, but when I open from higher version 4.x and above. The characters are display incorrect. I checked and found out the higher Acrobat Reader version can not match with the font name with ".". Please give me your advice.

            My e-mail address is: hantran888@gmail.com

            Thanks in advance.