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    Acrobat 7: cannot extract the embedded font

      My problem is with reading some (not all) imported files with Acrobat 7 Professional. Certain files that will open with both Acrobat Reader 5 and Reader 8 will not open with Acrobat 7 Professional. I could understand much better if a file would open with 8 and not with 5 & 7, or with 5 but not 7 & 8. But in these particular cases it is only 7 that will not work. I am working on a PC with Windows XP.

      I get the message:
      "Cannot extract the embedded font xxxxxxxx. Some characters may not display or print correctly"

      The entire document then appears to be blank--through interestingly enough I can carry out other Acrobat 7 operations such as deleting specific pages in the pdf file.

      I suspect that there is a simple preferences setting that is wrong, but have been unable to find anything that helps.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Of course, I may not be in the right forum, and this is really a problem with the "Professional" package, not just the Reader.