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    Error 1327 Adobe Reader 8.1.2

      I am in a corporate environment and am having an issue. By Policy we have remapped my documents to point to a users network drive "M:\"

      I am receiving the error in the log file when I try to push the package out using msiexec.

      Error 1327.Invalid Drive: M:\

      Is there a way to force the package to point to a C:\temp directory when it is doing its install as opposed to looking for the My Documents folder (or what ever folder is causing the issue ?)
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          It's probably trying to create a subfolder of My Documents, probably
          an Adobe subfolder, which will then have other stuff put there.

          The thing to find out is why it can't do that. Error 1327 is actually
          "invalid drive" so it would seem that the user's remote drive is not
          mounted at this time.

          Aandi Inston
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            The M:\ drive is being mapped as the users Home folder in Active Directory. The My documents is remapped on the local computer to point to the M:\

            So the drive is not being mapped in the typical sense using the "net use" command in a script but it is being mapped through active directory.

            I just need to know if there is a flag that I can use or a setting that can be changed using Adobe Customization Wizard 8 to force it to use a specific directory to unpack or do whatever it is doing.
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              (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
              This is not a directory for unpacking. It is an install target, so far
              as I can see. So for the install to succeed, you need the target to be
              there. So far as I can see.

              Aandi Inston
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                I, after months of agony, somehow figured this out. There are two things I did but I only remember one. So, try this... uninstall all adobe programs you have on your system... now, when that is done, go to start and programs. Look for adobe. If you see it click on it, it should say empty. If it does, right click on it and delete it. I think this might fix it... If this works let me know...
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                  @Ryan: Are you working for Bayer? We have the same problem here at Bayer since users personal folders are mapped to drive M:.

                  It is a result of the preinstallation procedure "cost initialize/cost finalize" windows installer does. If users My Documents or My Pictures folders are redirected through registry HKU\...\UserShellFolders\... and the drive is not available, cost finalize will fail to check available disk space on the missing drive.

                  If you can use a script to execute the installer, first check for drive M: and if not available, substitute e.g. C:\Temp to M: (subst M: C:\Temp), then execute the installer and when finished, delete substituted drive by "subst M: /D".
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                    Adobe Reader 8.1.2 Installer Error 1327.Invalid Drive: M:\

                    If you only have a few machines to install Adobe Reader, log on as Administrator on the machine side. Check where "My Documents" point to, make note of this location. Click the "Restore Default" button, when asked if you want to move docs to new location, click "No", Install Adobe Reader, Re-point "My Documents" to the original location, log off. As always test this procedure on a test machine prior to executing on a users desktop.

                    If pushing through AD, using AdobeReader.msi, I don't know at this point, would setup a test group.