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    Unable to View Japanese Fonts in Reader

      A conundrum I just can't resolve:

      I have two computers, both running XP Pro.
      I downloaded the latest Adobe Reader from the Adobe web site (version 8.1.2) and installed to both computers.
      I have a PDF with some Japanese fonts in them.
      When I open the PDF on computer 1, initially the PDF appears to display a row of dots where the Japanese text should be. Within seconds however, a prompt appears informing me that I must download a font pack to be able to display the text. I agree to the download, and it commences and installs automatically. I then have to restart Reader, upon which I can now view the Japanese fonts. Perfect.

      However, on computer 2, although the same operations take place, the Japanese fonts never appear - only a row of dots.

      I have tried uninstalling Reader and re-downloading and reinstalling. I have also tried manually downloading the Japanese font pack and installing it, with no change.

      Any ideas?
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          pwillener Level 8
          Hmm - this is very unusual. I have installed the Japanese font pack on countless computers, and I have never seen such a problem.

          If I were to experience this problem, I would try the following
          - uninstall the font pack from Add/Remove Programs (Japanese Fonts Support For Adobe Reader)
          - uninstall Adobe Reader
          - reboot, if asked to
          - reinstall Adobe Reader
          - download the font pack from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/acrrasianfontpack.html (make sure that the font pack version matches the reader version, i.e. font pack version 8 for reader 8.1.2)
          - install the font pack

          If all this still fails, then we'll have to come up with new ideas.
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            Hi Pat,

            Thanks for your suggestion, but I'd already since tried this too.
            I've kind-of got around this by uninstalling everything, and simply downloading what is supposedly the Japanese version of Adobe Reader.

            At least now I can view the PDFs ok. I'm still not satisfied that I haven't been able to resolve my initial issue.

            Thanks again.
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              pwillener Level 8
              There is one more thing you could try: Control Panel | Regional and Language Options | tab Advanced; set the 'Language for non-Unicode programs' to Japanese.

              If that doesn't work (with the English version of Adobe Reader), then I am out of ideas.