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    Error in printing from Acrobat Reader - double second even pages and last  odd page missing


      I have noticed a consistent and repeatable bug. When I print any PDF file in the following sequence

      1 Print Even pages only in reverse order

      Acrobat sends two copies of the first page (ie page 2) to the print file - this is true of any PDF I choose to print this way

      2 Print Odd pages only (not in reverse order)

      Acrobat reader does not duplicate any pages but does not print the last page

      This is annoying as I use these steps every day to double side documents.

      This is Acrobat Reader version 8.1.2 running on a PC using Windows XP SP2

      I have tried searching the knowledge base but am unsure how others reference this problem.

      Any suggestions welcome.

      Thank you in advance