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    print pdf from another frame in IE via javascript

      I am responsible for a little web application. There we have 2 frames. In one frame is an pdf-file, this frame is not visible for the user. In the other frame is an button. By clicking the button the pdf-file should be printed.
      The onclick event handler of the button looks like that:
      This works with firefox with all acrobat reader versions and IE up to acrobat reader version 6. But there is a problem with IE an adobe reader plugin version 7 and 8. In this constellation the user is presented the normal printing dialog of the IE and not the printing dialog of the adobe reader plugin.
      Is there any workaround to solve the problem.
      Pressing the print-button of the adobe reader plugin is no solution because the frame with the pdf-file is not visible for the user.
      Thanks a lot
      Matthias G.