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    PDF creation, digital signing and then extracting data

      We have a desktop application that is capable of importing MS Excel spreadsheets, extracting data and storing it in a database.The application then generates a report and converts it to PDF. The PDF is subsequently digitally signed and stored in the local disk.

      The technology environment is:
      1) VB.Net v2.0
      2) SQL Server 2005
      3) Active Reports from DataDynamics
      4) iText for digitally signing the PDF document

      We would now like to add a hpertext link on the PDF. Upon a user-click we would like to extract text data from the PDF and send it in XML format to an external application/website for data processing.

      My question...

      What are the ways in which I can extract all of the text data available in PDF and send it to an external page called by the link?

      Are there any freeware/shareware/ utilities or API that will allow me to perform this functionality.

      I am new to PDF creation and manipulation and all help in this regards is very welcome.

      We are also open to suggestions for changing the ways things are working now and open to other technical options.

      Awaiting responses that will lead me furhter.