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    I can not print

      I have Windows Vista and Adobe Reader 8.1.
      I can view, copy, save .pdf documents, but I dont print documents. the message displayed "Unable to start print job. Is printer available?"
      I have Sharp AM-900

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          I have Windows Vista Professional Home.
          After upgrading Adobe Reader to 8.1.2, I tried to print a .pdf file.

          All my printers disappeared, and the print spooler died, can be restarted but fails when try to print from any application.

          Uninstalled all Adobe products, reinstalled Vista, recovered printers except for a Laserjet 1022 on a Dlink DPR 1260 wireless print server, which I was able to reinstall.

          Foolishly, redownloaded and reinstalled Adobe Reader 8.1.2, tried to print same .pdf file, and lost all printers again.

          Is it just me, or have others had similar problems?
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            Lizandro, if you have 8.1.1 this seems to be a common problem. It is solved by upgrading to 8.1.2, but you may find (as I did) that you could not upgrade either (you get a Windows Installer error).

            The way to solve it is to:

            a) Try to uninstall 8.1.1 using Add/Remove programs. If you get an error doing this then try b:

            b) Download the Windows Install Clean Up program from Microsoft Support - just type Windows Install Cleanup Utility into your favourite search engine. Having installed this select ONLY Adobe Reader from the list. Then download and install 8.1.2. This worked for me. Printing now OK.

            Thanks to those who helped me - Carl Lambert and Bill Badalucca
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              I also can't print an ebook I bought. I think I have Adobe 7.X, but I don't know how to find out.

              When I try to print it, it wants a file name, despite the fact that I have selected "print," not "print to file." I give it a file name, and it asks if I want to overwrite my existing file (I've tried this several times). I click yes, so it overwrites it. Then it tells me it can't print it.

              Have I just lost my $19.95?

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                (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                Are you able to print any other PDF files, or have you just got the
                "print to file" option stuck?

                Aandi Inston