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    AAGH! AcrobatAccess.h WHERE????


      I am working on a disability project here to prove that adobe are "sight impaired friendly". I am a bit of an advocat for adobe, generally, and I was certain that adobe supported accessibility, but does it? In the documentation it says "Acrobat 6.0 and later defines a document object model (DOM) that provides more complete access to the document structure than the MSAA interface. The Accessibility plug-in defines and exports five COM interfaces in AcrobatAccess.lib"

      WHERE DO I FIND THAT ??? I downloaded 8.0 SDK, and 6.0 SDK, AND Acrobat 8.0 full version, but acrobataccess.h, AcrobatAccess_i.c and IPDDom.h are no where to be found. Do they actually exist?????

      You can't even find a single google match (apart from the documentation) for acrobataccess.h !

      I really wanted to prove the acrobat detractors wrong here (Who just say 'PDF is pants, use HTML) but without this I cannot. Please Help ? !?