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    Is it safe?

      Is it safe to download adobe reader (i use windows xp-if that helps)? when I went to download it my computer said that i should make sure that i trust the source before I download from it (in this case-adobe reader), so is it safe? And is 30 mb alot of storage? (i am using windows xp)?
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          Oh-and I am using the gateway laptop
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            You are right to be cautious.

            You're asking in an Adobe forum if Adobe are a safe place to download
            from. I say yes, but you may want to get a second opinion from
            somewhere else. If you haven't heard of Adobe, or don't think they are
            reputable, ask more people.

            Above all, if you do decide to download, go to Adobe's OWN web site.
            There are many people on the web offering Adobe Reader, and most of
            these other people I wouldn't trust: you could get Adobe Reader and
            some nasty surprises too (which you might never know about, but which
            might use your computer to send spam or store pornography).

            To download it, go to http://www.adobe.com/acrobat/readstep.html.

            No, on a modern computer, that isn't a lot of space. But if you don't
            have broadband it will take a lot of time.

            Aandi Inston