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    Error 1316 - Network Error

      I have tried several times to install the latest version of the Adobe Reader as I was having problems with my existing one. Each time I try I get this message (in full):

      Error 1316.A network error occured while attempting to read from the file C:\\WINDOWS\Installer\AcroRead.msi

      Then the installation fails. First of all, what does this mean and how can I resolve it? I have tried also to remove my existing version of Adober Reader and that failed also. I now have no Adobe Reader that I can use. Please help!

      Andrew Erroch
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          I am having the same issue. did you resolve this? How? I can not open any pdf in a browser - using firefox.

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            Level 1

            I uninstalled everything and went to the ftp site, down;oaded version 8, installed it, it works fine now. Will not go back to 9 as I can't be bothered to waste another morning dickin' around with this!

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              ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Normally, this is an issue with the installer files. They can be cleaned up by installing and running the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility and removing any instances of Reader then reinstalling Reader.

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                Maryann L

                Unistall ALL Adobe's and Acrobat's. In your control panel, and remove all adobe's and acobat's ...Everything that says adobe, clean it all out!!


                Then come back to this site, and reinstall the newest Adobe Reader.  I am NOT a computer guru, and I was able to do this.  Other Adobe's were conflicting with the older ones already installed, so remove all, and reinstall the lastest version of adobe.


                Worked for me!!

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                  I had the same problem. However when I cliked OK on the error message, it disappeared and the installation window completed and said everything was installed OK.


                  I am able to open pdf files, and it is the latest version of Adobe Reader. Go figure?

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                    I had this experience with Adobe way back when, and everything s

                    eem to work fine...for awhile.


                    I had to uninstall everything and start over

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                      The reason this 1316 error is occurring is due to the fact the MSI file that is being requested doesn't exist in the setup folder where the extraction takes place.  All other files are extracted there except the AdbeRdr930-en_US file.msi.  This error appears to becuase by an installation issue, not your PC.


                      Solution:  run the AdbeRdr930-en_US file.  When asked, do not choose repair, choose remove.  This will remove the previous version.of the Adobe Reader applciation only (not other adobe programs as someone else had suggested you remove).  if you don't get either of these prompts, you may have to go to add/remove programs in win XP or if Vista/Windows7 "Program Features, locate Adobe Reader and uninstall.


                      Attempt the reinstall again, no prompt will occur to repair or remove and that should cure the issue.


                      Note:  I am running Windows 7 64 bit with a previous install of Reader (9.x).  if your scenario is not the same, it is possible to have a slightly different process occur.


                      I would also advise unchecking the McAfee check box if prompted before the install takes place especially if you already have an anti virus program running as this could cause a conflict and headache you don't need or want.