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    Embeded Fonts in PDF documents


      I have a problem with a font that I have used in a document, some years ago. I created a pdf from a MS Word document and it seems that I have not embedded the font AG Chroma to the pdf. Hence a part of the text is not viewable from most pc's. Is there a chance of editing/adding a font in the existing pdf file, since my old doc file is no longer available??

      many thanx
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          Hallo Marios,

          I too confronting with the same problem, but you know the reason why you got the FontException that is because of unsupported font you have within your pdf.

          Ok, So you can do one thing you can register the font factory under your windows installation folder :


          Then you can access the pdf file from any application without font exception.

          I am also in the midst of this path: so you please revert back is is satisfying for you or not.

          Thanking you
          Charles v c