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    corrupted adobe reader 8.1.1

      when used, sysrem freezes and other prob messages, if i get a message. all i wanted to do was to delete the entire progrma and reinstall.

      first i went to control panel and tried to remove the program (219MB). i get a message " the patch couild not be opened. verify that the patch exists and that you can access it, or, contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid installer patch package".

      then, i went to my computer and tried to simply delete the folder and it's contents and after the deleyion started, i shortly received the message "cannot delete adboot.dll. access denied. make sure disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not in use currently".

      any adobe files are no longer easily accessable and downloaded adobe files are a big prob for me. i am totally frustrated that i can not even delete this corrupted software and start all over with fresh soft wear. i am happy to pay for personal guidance form one of your techs as i need to solve this asap. it is impacting my business and responses to clients.

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          Adobe Reader 8.1.1 is "corrupted"----8.1.2 is supposed to remedy this.
          I USE GOOGLE
          1. Type-----"Windows Installer Cleanup Utility"
          2 When "Results" appear--look for "support.microsoft.com""DESCRIPTION OF WINDOWS INSTALLER CLEANUP UTILITY"----click
          3. When page opens---scroll down to "Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Package now"------click (You can read instructions or not)
          4. When "File Download-Security Warnings" appear----click "RUN"
          5 After download completes--Open "PROGRAMS" and find "WINDOWS INSTALL CLEANUP"------click
          6 When box appears--look for 8.1.1 (or Adobe 8.1.1)-----click to "
          CAUTION----HIGHLIGHT 8.1.1 ONLY
          7. At bottom of box, "REMOVE"-----click
          8. Now you can check removal by looking at "CONTROL PANEL" "ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS"
          9. Now download Adobe Reader 8.1.2
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            Hello Carl:

            I have the same problem as Josh, but when I followed your remedy instructions, I could not complete the task because of an Active X control issue. I'm stumped!
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              Check this out, you need to repair Windows before you can install the
              Cleanup utility.

              Aandi Inston
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                Sorry, check THIS out:
                http://www.winhelponline.com/articles/81/1/An-error-occurs-while-installing-the-Windows-In staller-Cleanup-Utility.html

                Aandi Inston
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                  pwillener Level 8
                  See also http://support.microsoft.com/kb/311269
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                    Josh... I had the same problem. I did not really know of my problem until downloading the "fillable" forms from the IRS, then noticing they would not fill in. I finally realized the f in f1040 means it's a fillable pdf. I have xp, and had Adobe 8.1.1 and an update for it listed in the add/remove programs utility in the Control Panel.

                    When trying to:
                    1. Open Adobe Reader in Start/All Programs/Adobe Reader
                    2. Download Adobe version 8.1.2 from the Adobe website
                    3. Remove Adobe 8.1.1 from the add/remove programs utility in the Control Panel...
                    I received this error message:

                    "This package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package."

                    Reading in these forums I came across the "Windows Install Clean Up" utility idea and decided to try it, as the manual removal of 8.1.1 seemed too weird. I had no problems installing the utility as I saved it to the desktop, double clicked the .exe file, then completed the installation. When I opened the utility for use, Adobe 8.1.1 was right at the top. I selected, then "removed" it. I closed that program and headed straight for the add/remove programs utility in the Control Panel. Adobe 8.1.1 and the update were both gone. Then I downloaded 8.1.2 from Adobe's site, installed it, and everything is "kosher" again. The IRS files I got before suddenly became "fillable" as well. Good luck to all. These computer problems will go away someday once all the software/hardware/O.S. people get on the same page (which probably will take legislation to secure). ...Jerry
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                      Using Windows Installer Cleanup worked great for me - ONE THING though - after I'd used it to remove Reader 8.1.1. I successfully installed 8.1.2 but still couldn't open a pdf link I constantly access (got a File is Damaged message). This was one of several links in my "Favorite Places." Wondering if my computer was hanging on to bad info, I deleted everything in my Temporary Internet Files and, lo and behold, was able to access said link with no problem. Just a thought....