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    corrupted adobe reader 8.1.1

      when used, system freezes and other prob messages, if i get a message. all i wanted to do was to delete the entire program and reinstall.

      first i went to control panel and tried to remove the program (219MB). i get a message " the patch could not be opened. verify that the patch exists and that you can access it, or, contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid installer patch package".

      then, i went to my computer and tried to simply delete the folder and it's contents and after the deletion started, i shortly received the message "cannot delete adboot.dll. access denied. make sure disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not in use currently".

      any adobe files are no longer easily accessable and downloaded adobe files are a big prob for me. i am totally frustrated that i can not even delete this corrupted software and start all over with fresh soft wear. i am happy to pay for personal guidance form one of your techs as i need to solve this asap. it is impacting my business and responses to clients.