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    Global Search Results Feature Request

      Here is a feature request sent to Adobe for Version 8.x

      ******Feature Request******
      Feature: Dockable window for global search results (ctrl-shift-f).
      for Version 7.x the Search results window was docked / Framed in the main window. Because of the way the operation for the search results changed for Release 8.x I would like to see the search results window be able to be docked into the main window once more.

      The reason for this change request is a operational usability reason. In the current version of Reader 8.x the search result window does not retain window focus when a different result is chosen. Because of this action I am forced by the Reader to swap back and forth between the search result window and the main Reader window because the Reader arbitrarily forces the main Reader window to have focus.

      The other reason coupled with the usability problem is the fact the search results window is not properly sized and placed during the window swaps. Nor is the search results window size and position retained between Reader program runs.