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    Converting documents to PDF

      I have Adobe Reader 8.1 using Window XP. This is a new computer sent to me from my headquarters. On the old computer, I used to be able to open a document(Word or anything) and either see the icon to "convert to adobe" or right click and it would be one of my options. I have looked around and I have read and I have not been able to find where I can set that up on this computer. Hopefully this will seem simple for some but for me it is very important I have that ability. Thank you for any and all help given.
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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          On the old computer there was an installation of Adobe Acrobat, not Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader can't create PDF documents.
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            hi everyone....im soooo desperate and i badly need your help...i dont know where to post my question..it's my first time here..anyway,my work is on the internet and most of my files are in pdf file or adobe file..whatever is that..some of my recepients or better yet..most of them..dont have adobe reader in their computer so they cant open the file i am sending them...and basically, it's my big loss..i'm not so knowledgeable in this stuff so i was hoping an angel will help me..HOW TO CONVER MY PDF FILE TO DOC FILE OR WORD FILE..i think it'll be easier if i can have my pdf file to word file coz everybody can open word files....ooohh..PLEASE HELP ME...thank you so much in advance..God Speed..
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              Claudio González Most Valuable Participant
              There is no easy way to convert PDF files to other formats preserving their layouts. And I would expect more people to have the free Reader than the not so unexpensive Word. Why don't you invite your recipients to download Reader?