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    Reader 8 PostScript printing broken beyond repair?


      It seems to me that, in general, Adobe Reader 8 and above cannot print to PostScript printers from Microsoft Windows.

      There are different errors along the lines of:

      ERROR: undefinedresource
      OFFENDING COMMAND: findresource

      although the exact error can vary.

      There are many instances of this problem on the forums and the fixes have been:

      1. User Reader 7, or

      2. Switch to PCL printing

      On a large network, both of these options are relatively large tasks. It also seems that we are having to work around something that needs fixing in Reader 8.

      Has anybody ever had a formal response from Adobe support? Are the above two options the official fixes for this problem? Does Reader 8 include PostScript support for the hell of it which Adobe have no intention of fixing?

      Any help or advice gratefully received,