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    Problems opening PDF files/folders/web links please help

      I have Windows XP, run Internet Explorer 7 and have Adobe Reader 8.1.2.

      Now please understand that I am not terribly computer literate to I will do the best I can to describe my problem.

      When I click on a link on a web page that requires Adobe Reader to view the new page, the new page is opened in Microsoft Word and of course is all jumbled.

      So to actually be able to open and view the page I have to right click the link, click Save As, save it to a folder, left click Open Folder then Right click the document and choose Open With Adobe Reader 8.

      So my question is how can I set the computer/Adobe Reader/ or whatever to automatically open things that require Adobe Reader to be viewed to open in Adobe Reader and not Microsoft Word.

      Many thanks to anybody who can help me.