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    Hp LaserJet 4050n won't print Adobe PDF Files

      I have a new Computer with Adobe Reader 8.1 with Windows XP Home. I have a HP 4050n LaserJet printer. I received two Adobe Pdf files in a email today. My first attempt to print them gave me the following error message:

      PCL XL error
      Subsystem: KERNEL
      Error: ILLegalTag
      Operator: 0x1
      Position: 11005

      I then downloaded the latest HP drivers for XP, PCL 6 and it didn't work.
      I next downloaded HP driver 4050n 5e.

      The first pdf file printed just fine. The Second one printed with letters and symbols running through out the page.

      Can anybody tell me how to solve the problem? Is there a special driver needed for my 4050n printer? Am I using the right version of Adobe?