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    Saving PDF Forms

      I have created some nifty forms with Acrobat Professional, version 8.1.2. I have Reader Enabled the forms and tested them with Reader. I am able to complete the forms and save them. However, this same form will not save if the form is attached to a PDF and saved in Reader. When you try to save the form you are prompted to "Save As." I'd like to be able to save the form as an attachment, as it works with Acrobat Professional. With Professional I can attach the file to a PDF, open the attached form, complete the form and save it. The attachment can then be closed and can then travel along with the PDF. Is this an oversight by Adobe? What is the difference between working with a form outright and working with a form as an attached document? Why only "Save As," and not "Save?"

      Will Acrobat Standard save the attached form?