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    Adobe Reader in browser window disappearing-need help

      I have created a word document (WD1) containing links to other word documents (WD2, WD3, etc). I then turned WD1 into a .pdf file. I then upload this .pdf file to a web page. I go to this webpage and click the link to open the WD1.pdf file. When I click the WD1.pdf link on the webpage, a new browser window opens with Adobe reader in it displaying WD1.pdf. so far so good. Now when I click on the links to WD2 or WD3, these links open in Word and the correct files display, but the browser window containing WD1.pdf file disappears (thats the best way to describe it) and the first webpage is still open.

      What I am trying to achieve is to have the second browser window stay open so the trainees using this web page will be able to click on the other references on the .pdf to get to all of the links without having to re-open it each time.

      I have Researched in help and web forums, the only reference I can find is to uncheck the box next to Open cross-documents in the same window in preferences in Adobe. Which I have done and restarted my computer. I also noticed a preference show each document in its own window which is checked.

      Here is the other rub, I have a desktop computer (OS is XP) and a laptop (OS is vista). I have Adobe 8.1.2 installed on both. The laptop with vista works the way I would like. But the desktop computer with XP does not. I did have Adobe 7.0.9 on the desktop but when it did do what I wanted I upgraded to 8.1.2 and it still isnt working. The real problem is that most of the trainees will be using their work computers with XP. I dont know even know if there is any significance in this observation or not. But thought I would throw it out there.

      Does anyone have any suggestions of things I could try or know of any solutions? Please help.