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    Reader 7.0 & 8.1 fail to start

      I have XP with SP2 installed, 512KB RAM, pentium 3. I tried to install reader 8.1.2. The installation tells me it is successful but when the desktop icon is clicked, the hourglass comes on for a few seconds then dissappears & reader fails to start. I uninstalled reader 8 & tried to install reader 7. Same result! I had my firewall & virus protection software off for the install process & during the attempted reader start from the desktop. Acrobat reader was previously running on this machine without any issues. The machine is being rebuilt after a bad virus.
      Can anyone shed some light on this??? Control panel tells me reader is installed, it just refuses to go!!
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          Nemuri13 Level 1
          It is probably because you have not accepted the License Agreement. Have you? If not try creating a new admin user and then see if you can launch Reader under that user. If you can and can accept the license agreement you should be able to log back in under your old user and use the Reader as expected. You can also try the fix-it utility found at this address: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3bc424c7/91 it is post #92 Good Luck!