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    "Not a valid file name".

      Many of my PDF files will not open as I try to do so from Windows, and as I try doing so from the Reader it says "not a valid file name".

      It is funny because I was previously able to open them and it so hapens that I am not able to do so now.

      It used to hapen that if I had saved a file with a long name, subseqently I was not able to open it nor copy it from windows, so I used to rename it (using Windows of course) with a shorter name (the extension was allways intact).

      I have no problen opening any other file or even other pdf's, but now that I am trying to access some particular files I find myself with this problem (that I did not have before; actually I had been able to open many of these files before).

      I think and am allmost certain that it is a problem with the Reader and not Widows, because the only program I have updated is the Reader.

      All of my articles I use for my master's degree course are in PDF but I worried for I am stuck with many of them... Help

      Thank you.

      PS: before you ask, the files have no special characters (actually I am not allowed to save file names with these characters as you must know) and the all have the *.pdf format.
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Try to open them from the file open dialog box, not double-clicking and
          see what happens.

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            Has anyone been able to resolve this issue? I have the same problem with opening a few pdf files, but not all of them. I found that there are no properties to them therefore, I cannot select the open dialog box. There is the 'Open with' selection but nothing happens. these files cannot be opened, copied, sent, or deleted. I've tried opening Adobe as well and get the same message, "Not a valid file name." i was able to open these files at one time and the only thing that I had done with them is move them into another folder along with several others. Some can be opened and some cannot. Any ideas?

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              Hello to all.
              Dear Tammy, by this time I am sure you just want to pitch the computer out of the "windows".

              Some how the problem seems to be related to the folder. I decided to try to copy the entire folder (not the whole pack of files IN the folder, but the complete folder) and paste it some where else. After that I was able to open them (at least some I was not able to open before).

              Does it apply the other way (re-copy and re-paste back)? well, not quite.

              This time I copied the "pack of files" inside the folder to paste them in the original folder, and I was able to do so, but they where re named to the a few letters of the original name with "~" but now then, I was able to open them.

              The other thing I did was to download "PDF X-CHANGE PDF VIEWER" and so-far, so-so... this means that yes I was able to open much more of the "corrupted?" files, never the less I recently found out there were one or two files still givingme problems. Besides this other program has many more features and kind of more friendly.

              I had unistalled Acrobat (to try to avoid conflicts) but I had to re-installit for I was not able to open PDFs in the browser.

              I hope this heps you some more. I still do not know what the problem is, but empirically it helped.

              Best regards.