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    plug ins

      I have Windows Vista (HP computer) and Adobe 8.1.2. When I try to use Adobe I get "invalid plugin detected. Adobe reader will quit." then "Adobe Reader has stopped working" and it shuts off. What is this and how do I fix it? Thanks, Alan
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          Nemuri13 Level 1
          Do you use ZoomText which is assistive technology. That has been known to cause a plug-in error. You can launch the Reader without plug-in by holding down the shift key when clicking the icon to launch Reader. You may have a conflict with a third party plug-in or a corrupt plug-in.
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            Many thanks, using the shift key worked.
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              I am having the same problem with the invalid plugin message displayed. Do not have zoomtext. By Removing all plugins from the plugins directory and then adding them back in one at a time, I found that six of them were causing the message to occur. They are: accessibility, annots, digsig, multimedia, ppklite,readoutloud. Removing them allows acrobat to run and I can open and print pdf files. The version of the file says they are from adobe systems. Does anyone know what these plugins do??
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                (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                Normally I'd say "see Help > About Adobe plug-ins" but that wont help

                accessibility - to do with acessibility features (read out loud,
                reflow, high contrast etc.)

                annots - not really relevant except for specially prepared PDFs

                digsig - ditto

                multimedia - play movies in PDFs

                ppklite - read ebooks

                readoutloud - read out loud!

                Aandi Inston
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                  I am having the same problem. but the message I'm getting is a little different. I get a pop-up message box saying "Invalid plugin detected Adobe reader will quit now" Then another box pops up over the first box saying "The instruction at "0x2d830cbc Referenced memory at"0x00000008" The memory card could not be "read"
                  Before the pop-up message boxes the Adobe opens and I'm reading what ever for about a minute before this happens. this just started happening two days ago and I have had Adobe reader installed for around two months with no problems.
                  Anybody know what is going on here and how to fix it?
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                    I have problem to open the PDF after install Adobe 8.1.2 reader, and it asks me to find "AcroRead.MSI" in the box below.

                    Please help.

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                      Many thaks to Gene.Holding down the shift key worked.But only on the first occasion.I am still getting the invalid code etc but there is a different messge on occasions referring to a "damaged or corrupted file".I am very new - and old in years - and not being able to access files is beginning to enrage me.Unless I can get a solution soon I can see this computer taking flying lessons! As i am on the 3rd floor I suspect that will send it to IT heaven (or rather hell if there is any justice).I tried to fiddle about using Bil's solution but really could not get very far as I seemed to be entering a land hitherto unknown and would end up causing even greater problems.Can anyone recommend a different - and free - product.I don't need any frills - just something that will enable me to view and print pdf files.Thanks for listening and have a good easter.
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                        Nemuri13 Level 1
                        Some people on this forum have recommended Foxit Reader. It is very basic but my fulfill your needs.