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    Can't open Reader

      I just installed Adobe Reader 8 on my new laptop. I have the icon and shortcut showing on desktop but when clicked (or dbl clicked)... nothing happens. I even tried open the the .exe file from programs folder, etc.

      Please help!!

      Thanks ED
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          Nemuri13 Level 1
          If you have Google Desktop you might uninstall that. Sometimes it interferes with the launching of some programs. Probably the best thing would be to create a new admin user and try to launch it from that account so you can accept the license agreement. After that you should be able to log back into your old account and use the program as expected. Good Luck!
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            Level 1
            Thanks Gene,

            I have done all that. It works in the new user admin account. However, when I go back to my main account... NOTHING. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times! No luck! Wow, strange isn't it? Any other suggestions???

            Thanks again, ED