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    Adobe reader printing problems

      Hi all,

      I have created a word document, and converted it to .pdf using Cute PDF writer. When I open the document in Adobe reader 7/8 I can see the document fine and clear with all fonts and images as they should be.

      The problem is when I try to print the document. When I print from Adobe 8, the font (Gill Sans MT to be specific) doesn't print correctly. Instead of getting a word with one letter after the other, all letters of that word are printing on top of each other if you get me. This can happen anywhere on the page.

      However, if I open the document in Adobe reader 7 - the document prints correctly. No problems. I have tried this on a number of machines so I can safely say its not a problem with the install of the software on any of the machines. It just seems to be an incompatibility with the Adobe reader 8 software.

      Can anyone tell me why this is happening or how I can get around this on Adobe reader 8?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.