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    Correct File Format for PDF documents

      Hello everyone,

      I am an Oracle Developer on a Air Force project. The application that our company is maintaining stores files in the database in (LONG RAW format). In converting to Oracle 10g, our company needs to convert the files to a different structure. Unfortunately, Oracle has not provided a migration tool to convert the files - I have to do it manually!

      It appears that Oracle (when I extract the file) contains some header and footer information that I need to clean up. In doing so, I delete all text at the beginning of the document up to the text "%PDF-" and I delete everything after the last "%%EOF" text. This process only works 50% of the time.

      Is there any documentation on what the file "should" look like? The only way I know to fix them is to manually open the file (in the Oracle application) and manually save it out to the operating system. The problem is that most of the Air Force bases have approximately 8000 files that will need to be converted (I would like to automate the process).

      Any ideas?