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    Ebook DRM activation problems

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      I was attempting to activate reader for a mobile device running Windows Mobile 6 (unsuccessfully) when I decided to stick with Palm. Because I had so many Adobe Reader programs loaded (updates since version 4), I decided to clean up my software by deleting all Adobe Readers and Acrobat 6 Professional. I then reloaded Acrobat 6 Pro and updated it through the program. At that point I tried to activate the program so that I could borrow library ebooks. Since then, I've called Adobe Support at least 10 times and get someone who tries to help, transfers me to Tech support (even though I tell them they don't offer help with Reader), or am told straight out there is no help. Those have tried to help have; 1) deleted all my activations, because they claim that was the problem; and 2) had me load various different readers - either 6 or 7. Still no activation, though I can download books. The problem is I want to transfer them to my Palm OS phone. At the moment I only have version 7 of Reader installed and get "Your Adobe software could not be activated - Adobe DRM Activation error (server code 9) fault location 5." I believe this has to do with how I signed on when last activated, and it's looking for me to use the same sign on. But Support assures me there was only 1 sign on used; regardless, all activations were deleted. I tried to delete all the ebooks in my ebook folders, but still get the same message.

      I also get the message (different numbers, but same problem) with the mobile device.

      Why does the message say to contact Customer Support if they aren't equipped to solve it or if Adobe doesn't offer support? Is there a website where all these known messages and fixes can be found?

      I know that there is a way of looking into my profile and changing/deleting things, so why is this becoming so hard to fix? I've spent 6 days working on this and now can't get anything to work. Please help.